María Murano, leader of Blockchain Argentina says technology is here to stay

Maria Murano, responsible for Blockchain in Argentina, said in a brief interview with Crypto247 that this Blockchain technology will revolutionize the health industry, education, music, foreign trade and other areas.

Murano said this is a technology that is here to stay and will bring many benefits to different industries around the world. He also said that it is a technology that will continue to change.

He also emphasized that the different industries that use it must be aware that they will have to make changes in their structures in order to be able to meet the challenges and benefit from the results that this technological revolution will bring, such as the Blockchain technology.

Blockchain may disrupt higher education today, global labour market tomorrow

The representative of Blockchain in Argentina, considers that this technology will evolve. In this sense, industries must accept that it will be modified and that it is a technology that will mature over time.

Like all disruptions, blockchain finds some obstacles in its way. Effective implementation requires identifying and planning the use case that will accompany the business in whatever area.

However, let us remember that, the Blockchain technology allows to build inviolable digital records for transactions involving multiple parties. The objective: to achieve maximum transparency in electronic transactions, as it ensures that those involved have the latest information available in real time and that it cannot be altered or deleted.

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Challenges and advantages of using this technology
However, Maria Murano spoke about the main challenges and advantages that a company can have by using this technology. He specified that the greatest challenge would be to understand that the information is not theirs but becomes everyone’s. In his opinion, these are challenges at the level of maturity since it must be recognized that, by sharing information, more can be gained than by doing the opposite.

He also gave some examples of industries where blockchain technology can be beneficial. In this context, he highlighted the health sector. I specify that technology can be beneficial with the specific case of medical records, not at the level of saving the information, but at the level of permissions of those who can access it.

He added that another sector that could also benefit is the digital music industry. With regard to education, he said that there is the power to share what each person knows. As for foreign trade, it is a technological way of solving today’s problems.

Finally, he defined two more areas: banking in general, and food producers, in the latter he specified that they can distinguish themselves by having a platform that offers food traceability certification.

Blockchain and its uses beyond cryptomontages

Blockchain is known to have come into the world as the accounting record of bitcoin, but today its uses far exceed those of cryptomonies. It has a revolutionary role, providing standardization, a common platform The News Spy and language among diverse participants in an ecosystem. It is more efficient, as there is less friction and costs and it gives this component of immutability on the register that allows to have a perfect traceability from origin. Use cases must be understood and human resources developed.

Last year during a meeting at Think Argentina, Roberto Alexander, the President and General Manager of IBM Argentina said that: „Technology is no longer just the solution, it is the platform for innovation to continue being the engine of creativity and talent“.

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The cloud is one of the enablers of this explosion of solutions that employ different technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of things and blockchain, and which accelerates the arrival of cognitive companies in different industries and sectors.

Recently, Ana Paula Assis, IBM’s general manager for Latin America, considered that blockchain technology is a fundamental technology in the current scenario that the world is living, after the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to his perspective, we lived a turning point with