Germany: Decentralisation of the energy industry with Blockchain

With the help of several block chain companies, the country wants to create an innovation.

The German Energy Agency (DENA) is the most important government authority for energy innovation in Germany and aims to decentralise its energy ecosystem.

DENA „has selected Energy Web and, in partnership with more than 20 industry players, intends to design and build a digital register of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) across the country,“ according to an Energy Web blog post on 13 October. It went on to say:

„The project will enable energy installations in Germany, such as thermostats, solar PV systems, batteries and charging stations for electric vehicles, to automatically register themselves in a decentralised identity register so that they can be used by the German power grid for such purposes as virtual power plants and frequency control“.

Together with Energy Web and numerous block chain and crypto companies, DENA essentially wants to digitise the country’s energy system by storing necessary components in a decentralised database.

Philipp Richard, DENA’s senior staff member, explained in the mail that hurdles still have to be overcome to get the project fully up and running. However, the digital block chain identities are currently being tested and it looks very good.